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Monday, June 20, 2005

Building a Home Together

The Geek and I are planning to build a home this year. We have been planning this home for over a decade and are very excited to finally see it coming to pass. We want to build in the country with plenty of space around us, yet close enough to the city so the Geek can continue at his current place of employment.

When we first started looking, we thought our requirements were unique. Who else would want to live out in the country? Doesn't everyone else want to live in the city, right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of it all? Surely there is plenty of land out there just waiting for us to find it, sporting all the amenities we want like trees, water, and space.


Nine months after we began actively looking for a piece of land, we are finally closing on a lot tomorrow. It seems now that EVERYONE wants what we want - to be away from the city but close enough to work there. The only difference is that most of the people in our situation are content to live in a development where they will still live close enough to their neighbor to carry on a conversation from the front porches and where their home is one of a million cut from the same cookie-cutter.

We are going to be building a dome home. Yes, it's a round house. No, it's not underground. No we're not hippies...well, maybe a little. Our fascination with domes started one summer shortly after we were married. We were at the State Fair and ran across a booth for a company who has been building dome homes for 30 years. We were both vaguely familiar with the concept since the Geek's parents had considered building a dome some years before that and when I was a teenager, I had accompanied friends when they stayed for a week with an uncle who lived in a dome. We started studying the literature they offered and attending their biannual tour of dome homes, and found that domes are incredibly efficient both in space and energy, stunningly beautiful, exceptionally strong, and best of all - intensely unique.

This year, after over a decade of planning, we build our dome. The process will be chronicled here and you can join us for reports of the joys and trials of building a home whether you are interested in dome homes or in the process of building a home of any kind. Who knows. Maybe you'll find yourself interested in a dome home too!


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