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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Dome Floor Plan Scan - Basement

As promised, here is the basement...with the super secret spygeek information replaced with super secret code. As before, click the picture for a bigger picture, and the link below the pic for an even BIGGER picture. (Beware that the BIGGER one will load slowly on a dial-up connection.)

Lower Floor (basement)

The walkout in the upper right is my (the Geekwif's) room! This room will be for crafting, sewing, gardening, and laundry. We want to have the whole house wired for computers and the computer closet will be where everything comes together. The Geek wants to have some fancy entertainment equipment in the entertainment room. (Maybe he'll talk about that sometime. I don't know what all he wants in there. That's his department.) Just like the Geekwif, the Geek needs a place to call his own too. The office/den might end up being his room - or he might use the bedroom on the main floor once we've moved up to the master bedroom on the upper level.


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