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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Dome Floor Plan Scan

Following are pictures of the first draft of our dome home floor plans. Only the main floor and upper floor are posted here. There was secret spygeek information in the basement plans that has to be eliminated before I can post it. I'll do that asap.

Meanwhile, enjoy the show. If you click on the picture, it will bring up the full-size version of that picture. For an even BIGGER version - to get all the gory details - click on the name of the floor below the pic.

Dome Home  Plan - Main FloorMain Floor

The entry (on the left) will be between the dome garage and the dome house. We've made a few changes. The kitchen is too small. (The designer had to change it to allow for a flat wall for a window in the bedroom. We added a little space by extending the kitchen counter/bar.

On the top, you can see three sort of trapezoid shapes along the wall. Those are triangle shaped windows (5 actually - they point up, down, up, down, up) which create a panoramic view outside the living room. It will look out over our "back yard" with a beautiful old forest as a backdrop.

There will be a couple other changes too, but we'll post the updated version when it is completed. Our plan is to complete this floor first, move in, and complete the upper floor while we live on the main floor. Then we'll move to our master bedroom upstairs and start working on the basement.

This is phase two. Once we move into the main floor, we'll work on completing this floor. Again, there are a few changes here. We will have a view cupola, which is a small room that kind of sticks out of the top of the house. It will have windows all around. I've always been a huge fan of little spaces to curl up, read a book, take a nap, dream, etc. This is the ultimate example of such a space.

We want a dormer window (see where it is noted on the bottom left) with a window seat - another great little space. For some reason the designer left it out so we'll be discussing that to see if we can add it back in.


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