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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Disaster Averted

Yesterday afternoon we had a bit of a scare...well, I was scared anyway. We received an email from our realtor informing us that the seller's agent had been out showing the lot next to ours and noticed that the space marked for the septic system was very close to or even over the property line.

I pretty much went into a panic. How could I let something like this happen? If I'm going to be our general contractor, I need to think of these things. I just assumed that the perk tester would be careful to test within our property lines. What are we going to do if it is outside of our borders?

See, by the time I received the message, I knew the septic system had probably already been installed. The septic guy (I'll call him Mr. S.) was supposed to be out there yesterday and planned to finish in one day. It had rained here in the morning, so I called Mr. S. thinking maybe he was rained out. Nope. His wife assured me that he did finish and informed me that he was out of town for a day and could not be reached. Aaaahhh!!!!

I forwarded the email to the Geek, asking him to pray and secretly hoping he might have some wise counsel in the matter....and he did. He called when he was leaving work and suggested that we go out to the lot right after dinner and see for ourselves. He knew that I wouldn't get a decent night's sleep if I didn't know.

I called our realtor and asked a few questions, like "What do we do if we are out of our property lines?" To which she answered that we'd have to negotiate with the owner - which essentially is the city since we'd be intruding on the easement if we were over - or it would have to be moved. Great. There goes another $4000 we can't afford. So, armed with a 100' tape measure, and even more panic than before, I left to meet my dear Geek at Perkins where we had a nice dinner while he calmly assured me that everything was going to work out just fine. He is so good for me.

After dinner we made the drive out to the lot. Nothing quiets the soul quite like a nice drive in the country. By the time we got there I was feeling better already, though anxious to obtain the answer to our question. We pulled out the tape measure and measured 40' from the edge of the road (which is the north border of our lot). When my husband marked the 40' point, we still had a good 15' beyond him to the edge of the drainfield.

Whew! What a relief! The panic instantly disappeared and from that point on, our little unexpected trip was pure joy. We snapped a few pictures of the new septic (see below) which hadn't been covered yet, presumably so it can be inspected first. The Geek snapped a picture of me - not a particularly flattering one, but the first we have of me at our new home.

Yes, it's beginning to feel like home even though currently it's just a great big field with a few trees and a big underground tank with some pipes sticking up.
We agreed that we have a strange mix of feelings there - a hybrid of "Is this wonderful thing really happening?" and "This place already feels like home."

I can't wait until the day when
"driving home" becomes the drive away from the city, rather than the drive into the city. That will be a glorious day!


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