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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Landscape Plans

The Geek has been practicing his landscaping and drawing skills. Here's what he's come up with for landscaping plans. Of course, this will be carried out over the next several years and may change as we go. Click on the pictures to see a full-size view.

This is a somewhat-to-scale plan for the entire lot. Contrary to common map-making procedures, south is up on our map. There is a small forest of pre-existing trees along the south side. We will plant the privacy trees drawn in along the east and west sides. The Geek originally wanted to build an in-ground shooting range, but we found out our lot is zoned residential, not rural, so that plan has been scrapped.

There are several features we would like to include in our landscape: a fire pit, and above-ground pool, a water garden, a veggie garden, flower beds, fruit trees, and a volleyball sandpit for starters. The placement of these features has changed a bit (see following picture), but the idea is pretty much the same. We may end up spreading it out a bit more than this since we have plenty of space available, or we may add other features over the years. I guess time will tell.

The placement of the fruit trees in this drawing will be changed since the septic ended up right there. The trees will probably go to the west (right) of that. I plan to plant flower beds on top of the drain field and septic area. The vaguely backwards-P-shaped thing is a circular driveway. He wrote "flower garden" in the center, but the two birch trees are located in what will probably be the center of the driveway.

This plan is more recent, so it has changed a bit. We'd like to have a major water feature with a waterfall and stream leading to a pond - all man-made and pump-fed.

The little square piece coming off of the southwest side of the dome house is a 3-story extension. The upper floor will be our master bedroom. The middle floor will be our dining/sun room. The lower floor will be my gardening/craft/all things Geekwif room and a walkout. The path leads from my room to the garden and also to the left toward the other landscape features.

The steps coming off of the
southeast side of the extension lead down to the deck which we want to have lower than the main floor level so it doesn't obstruct the view out of that side of the house. There will be 5 large triangle shaped windows creating a panoramic view on that side.

The Geek would like me to offer this disclaimer regarding the elevation drawing in the upper left corner: He was in a hurry when he drew this and was using a pen, so he couldn't fix it up to look as nice as he would like. Anyway, that is what it will look like if you were to look at the house from the west. The slope may appear a bit steeper than it actually is, but this gives the general idea.

So there it is. Now, if all goes as according to our normal procedures, it will change several times by the time it becomes a reality. But that's all part of the fun of it, right?


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