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Monday, August 01, 2005

Pictures of the Lot

There hasn't been a lot to say about the building process yet. We've hired a septic guy, so that should be done in the next week or two. Once he's obtained our sanitary permit (hopefully today or tomorrow) we'll have an address and people will actually believe we exist. Around here, everything else follows this. If you don't have a sanitary permit, you don't have an address and you can't get electric, telephone, a land use permit - nothing. So this is a pretty significant step forward.

In the meantime, we visited the lot on a sunny day and took some pictures to share. Enjoy!

This was taken at about the midpoint of the length of the lot, facing the road. Do you see the very thin light colored line crossing between the two trees? That's the road. We have approximately that same distance behind me too. Six acres goes a long way! Especially when you're accustomed to about a 1/8 acre city lot.

Looking southeast across the lot. Mostly tall weeds and a few trees. Pretty in a "Little House on the Prairie" way. And it's ours. :-)

I love birch trees. Something about that papery white bark and the way they stand tall no matter their size. We discovered this pretty little birch on this visit. There's another even smaller one behind it. I'm so happy to have birch trees!

Speaking of trees, look very closely and you'll see a fat, fuzzy little baby evergreen in the center of this picture, growing among the abundant weeds.


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