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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Progress is Good!

The Geek and I met our septic guy out at the lot yesterday. Everything looks hunky-dory! The location we wanted for our home will work out perfectly with the location of the septic system/drain field. He has obtained the sanitary permit and he will be out there first thing Monday morning to get started. By the end of tomorrow we should have our septic system in place!

This means that...
a) we have taken the first step toward building our home, and
b) our existence will now be recognized by the city and county and therefore by anyone else who we might hire as contractors on our project.

I find it really funny that that it's all wrapped around the sanitary permit. Why not the building permit or a land use permit? This little piece of paper is, in fact, our first step toward having the power to obtain a land use permit and ultimately a building permit. With it we can now obtain a fire number and address which means we can hire contractors to dig our well, run our electric, excavate, and pour our foundation!

Needless to say, we are very excited!


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