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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The One In Which We Are STILL Waiting

Our banker is still looking for an investor. He has a few leads, but hasn't gotten any great answers yet. One of them offered to finance 65% which means we would have to come up with an impossible sum of cash. We think the reason for this is that we haven't sold our current house yet. If we could just get this place off our hands.

So, the house is about to be back on the market. The Geek's parents offered to take our cats for a while, so we took them to their place on Sunday. They are doing well there, but we miss them. Beethoven is still hiding behind the dryer, so I suppose he's doing slightly less than well, but I know him. He's sneaking out for food and a litter box stop when things are quiet and the cat and dog who are permanent residents in that place are not around. Eventually he'll get brave, but it might take a little while. He'll be fine.

We had the truth-in-housing inspection done last night. Our first one was done more than a year ago so it had to be re-done. We have an appointment with our realtor on Saturday, and the carpet cleaners are coming on Tuesday next week. Meanwhile, we are working our tushies off (Hopefully literally! I could use a little less tushie!) to get this place sparkling clean and beautiful. We hope to put it on the market next Wednesday.

Things are definitely moving slower than we wanted them to, but we are still working toward building this year. At this point we probably won't be done until after the first of the year and we may have to rent an apartment for a few months, but we ARE going to build. So, while waiting for stuff to happen on this blog may seem like watching paint dry at the moment, pretty soon it's going to get much more exciting! Really! I promise! Seriously exciting!

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Blogger Jan said...

I hope you are going to post lots of pictures as you build. DH built a dome house years ago, and we enjoyed living there. Hope you will be as happy as we were.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007 11:12:00 AM  

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