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Sunday, August 26, 2007

The One In Which We Pick Out Lighting Fixtures

Some things about building a house are definitely more fun than other things. Picking out lighting fixtures is SO one of the "more fun" things – at least for a girl. We need to allow 4- 6 weeks for delivery for our fixtures, so we had to order right away. The Geek actually seemed to enjoy looking for lighting fixures too, but he was a bit more interested in checking out home theater systems. He's really looking forward to building a home theater in the basement after we move in.

The excavation is now scheduled for Tuesday, so in lieu of photos of a big hole in the ground, I thought I would show you a bit of what will eventually be in the house which as yet does not exist. We may not be arranging furniture and fluffing couch pillows yet, but picking out fixtures certainly helps to start envisioning the finished product which will be our home.

So, let's start with my least favorite and work up from there, okay? I have never been fond of ceiling fans. I think they're ugly. I know. I'm a total snob.

The builder suggests we have four of them – one in the living room, one in the dining room, and one in each bedroom. So I compromised. We picked one fan that we will put in the living room and master bedroom. The 2nd bedroom is an office, so I really couldn't see having a fan in there blowing papers around. And the dining room? NO WAY! a) I do not want to have a fan blowing dust all over our dinner, and b) I want a chandelier! I mean, c'mon, the chandelier in the dining room is the most important piece of lighting in the house! (And all the women are nodding their heads in agreement. "Right on, sister!")

So, after considering budget and our decor, we chose this one.
(You can click on all these images to see a bigger version.)

Now, let's move outside for a moment. We needed five wall lanterns outside – one on each side of the garage door, one at the garage service door, and one at each door of the house. We chose this light for all of those places.
It's shown in a black finish here, but we chose what they call Verde Green, which is like verdegris – basically a black and green speckled finish.

The second bedroom is going to be our office, and we chose this ceiling fixture for that room.

And finally, the pièce de résistance, the dining room chandelier. We looked at some 5-light chandeliers, but they were out of our budget. I think this will do nicely.
As you can probably tell, we are going for warm fall colors inside the house. We're thinking dark red, sage green, buttery yellow. I think these fixtures will fit nicely into that decor. What do you think?

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