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Thursday, September 27, 2007

The One With Lots of Awesome Changes (Or "What a Difference Three Days Makes")

We checked out the house progress on 9/16/07. The basement walls had been poured and the walkout framing was in. Following is a taste of what we saw.

Looking out over the "house". Remember, at this point it's just a basement. The corner you see in the ground close-up is the garage foundation. In the distance you can see the walkout wall framing which our builder was working on early that morning.

Here's a view from the same direction, but down inside the basement. The two big openings in that wall on the far left and right are the windows. (They won't be quite that big.) And the smaller opening in the middle is the door. The basement will be unfinished to start, but our future plans are to add an entertainment room with the Geek's dream big-screen TV, a spare bedroom or den for the Geek, and a hobby room for the Geekwif. The stairs will come down right next to where the Geek is standing. See the lengths of concrete in the floor just in front of his feet? Those are the footings for the stairs.

This is facing the back of the basement. (The walkout wall is behind me.) That pipe in the wall connects to the septic, just in case you were wondering. Our utilities and some rough-in plumbing for a future bathroom will be along this back basement wall.

Here's the walkout wall again, but from outside instead of inside.

This is the walkout slope. They had to do quite a bit of grading. The are leaving us a nice big area around the house for starting a lawn, but there is still a lot of untouched space that is very weedy and will have to be dealt with...probably next year.

Speaking of weedy, we took a walk downhill to where they are going to dig our well. Our area is known for traprock which makes well-digging a huge pain-in-the-tuckus, but the well-digger thinks this spot may be a crack in the traprock. If he's right, we save lots o' dough!

And here's the first load of house parts. Under that tarp lies walls, roof trusses, and other parts of our house-to-be. It's like Tinker Toys!

Keep reading to see what happened just three days later!


On 9/19/07 we took another trip out to see the progress. The team had been delayed a couple of days, but was working all day putting together those parts that were under the tarp just three days earlier, and boy-oh-boy, what a difference three days makes!

Check it out! It's an actual house! Okay, so the roof looks a little funny yet, but hey, we have walls! Let's take a walk around before we go inside, okay?

Check out that gorgeous blue sky! Oh wait, this is a picture of the crane. How wild is that? They use the crane to lift the walls into place since with a panelized house like this, the walls are already put together when they arrive.

You remember this view from three days ago, right? No? Take a close look at that walkout wall. It didn't used to have a house on top of it. Inside those sliding doors and windows above are the dining and living rooms. We will be building a deck next year, but for now beware of the really big step out that sliding door!

All that dirt you saw in the above pictures? Looked innocent, didn't it? It was all newly filled and not packed down yet, so after 2 days of hard rain it became thick muck. We had to pretty much run from spot to spot to keep from sinking in over our ankles. Even so, our shoes bore the brunt of our little adventure. Now we're going to go inside. I must admit, even though it is a construction site, I cringed just a little stepping in the door with all that mud on my shoes.

There's our front door from the inside. We didn't actually enter through this door though. See, the muck at the front door was the worst of all. One of the crew guys demonstrated for us by stepping in it and literally sinking up to his knee.

Here's the door we entered by – the garage entry. It enters into the laundry room and then the hallway we're looking through.

Same hallway, from the opposite direction. I'm standing in the laundry room now looking down the hallway toward the living/dining room.

Off to the right is the office.

To the left is the master bedroom.

Trust me when I tell you this is a bathroom.

And then we enter the totally awesome greatroom. The living room is on the left and the dining room is on the right. If the house looks a little bent in the middle, it's because I had to paste two photos together to get the full view. By the way, we are totally in love with our windows. One of only a couple upgrades we chose, but SO worth it.

Another trust me – this is our kitchen. See that smaller window? That will be over the sink. And the jutting out part of the wall toward the right is my pantry! I have a pantry! I have never in all my life had a pantry before. I am so excited.

And how cool is this? No roof yet, but even once it is on it's going to be pretty cool. We have a vaulted ceiling in the living/dining/kitchen. Love it.

Ladies and gentlemen, that concludes our tour. Thanks for coming and we hope you join us next time! We stopped out sans camera last weekend (bad me!) and the roof has been decked and shingled. There's sure to be even more progress when we go out this weekend. See ya back here soon!

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